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Tammara Thompson in her office.
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​Panama City Beach: (850) 238-8805

3133 Thomas Dr., Panama City Beach, FL 32408

New location!   Niceville: (850) 729-0773

1173 E. John Sims Pkwy., Niceville, FL 32578 

Miramar Beach: (850) 837-0497

42 Business Centre Drive, Suite 304, Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Megan Haywood, Hearing Aid Specialist

Tammara L. Thompson, HAS, BC-HIS

Owner, Hearing Aid Specialist
Board Certified-Hearing Instrument Sciences

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All Clear Hearing Centers is dedicated to providing the very best in hearing healthcare to the residents of The Emerald Coast. At All Clear Hearing Centers we are able to take the necessary time needed to actually listen to each and every patient and what they have to say about their hearing loss, how it makes them feel and how it affects their individual lives. This vital time spent with each patient enables us to form a partnership, working together in the development of his or her own rehabilitation process.

The owner, Tammara Thompson, a Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist, has an affinity for elderly patients and enjoys working with this population as a trusted adviser to offer solutions and professional counseling to their hearing healthcare needs.

The atmosphere is relaxed, pleasant, unhurried, quiet and very private to instill confidence, security and trust. We appreciate your business!!

Megan Haywood, Hearing Aid Specialist, manages the Panama City Beach practice. She is originally from Dothan, Alabama and now makes her home in Panama City with her teenage daughter.

Megan Haywood, HAS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Panama City Beach

What Makes All Clear Hearing Centers Unique?

​Ms. Thompson, the owner, has the belief that the patient must have realistic expectations about his/her rehabilitation if success is to be realized; and it is her goal to lead the patient to success through education before, during and after the hearing aid fitting.

  • We have an affinity for elderly patients and enjoy working with this population as a trusted advisor, offering solutions to their hearing care problems.

  • Our staff are licensed and board certified hearing aid specialists whose many talents include working specifically with our local senior citizens and active military personnel and veterans.

  • We possess expertise in hearing aid fitting and patient-family counseling for our patients unique needs.

  • The atmosphere at All Clear Hearing Centers is relaxed, pleasant, unhurried, quiet and very private to instill confidence, security and trust.

  • All Clear Hearing Centers offers a wide variety of hearing instruments and ancillary devices from leading manufacturers to best fit the patient's hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

  • Ms. Thompson has the belief that every patient is unique in their hearing and life-style needs; therefore there is no "boiler-plate" recommendation for amplification; each patient deserves an individualized plan of care.

  • Our staff uses diagnostic audiology protocols to determine how successful a patient will be with amplification prior to any hearing aid selection. This is accomplished through, in addition to other standard tests, specialized speech testing procedures which predict the patient’s word recognition functioning in real-life.